Sunday, July 13, 2014

It's been 2 years, time for another post

I started this thing ambitiously a few years ago at the peak of my happiness - I had finally left a lawyer job I hated, and was enjoying an awesome early midlife crisis - riding a motorcycle, working at an awesome running store by day, being an Orioles ballboy at night, coming home to a supportive wife and the cutest dog-child ever. i had big plans for this blog - i was going to post all the time, tell the world about my awesome life. then, well, i was just enjoying everything and not really taking the time to post. 2 years later, i checked on this and saw it still had some readers - more than I expected, really. So, I'm back.

Let's be honest, not every bloggers has the blogging discipline of Chocolate is My Life -  but, I've recently had a big life change too - no, we're not preggers like she is, but I did leave Baltimore for St. Louis. So, I've got a whole new world to blog about - St. Louis. So much to eat, so little time. stay tuned.....

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  1. SOOO happy this has been resurrected! Can't wait to drool over all the delicious barbeque. Thanks for clarifying that you aren't pregnant. I was so sure it was where this post was headed!