Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Beer Bread!

Being a well-traveled fatty, it's always surprising to me when I come across a food that I have not yet tried. Tonight, I picked up a gift loaf of beer bread made by my friend Alyssa

She's a recovering vegetarian, and I'm proud to say I am a big part of her recovery- I cooked the bacon that was her first bite of meat in years.  

Anywho, the beer bread was amazing. I cant believe I've never had it before. I had a slice at Charm City Run when I first picked it up, and then I had another 3 slices when i got home (toasted with butter, which is amazing). It smells like beer, but when you eat it, you dont taste beer- it's a sweet, dense bread, that's nutty and definitely awesome. Even Jackie, who hates beer and generally doesnt eat bread, really enjoyed it. If you're not lucky enough to be friends with Alyssa, I suggest u check out her blog and get her beer bread recipe, because it was awesome. 


  1. Awww man I am going to need to link to this post! I feel bad I didn't link to you before but I guess I was confused (SHOCKER I know) and thought you weren't really continuing the blog. So glad you liked it! But what is this about Jackie not eating bread? She already doesn't like peanut butter. I am concerned for her.